Decision Hero

Decision Hero

Kendal Rush


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Imagine world peace, a dream for most, while a reality for a very special few. The Peacekeepers-at least, that's what they called themselves, travelers from places unknown. Some say from another dimension, time, or even God. Either way, they seamlessly integrated into society's most powerful governments and delivered all they promised for their cooperation, the end of war, famine, and pestilence, and all for the price of global peace. And though death still loomed and the nature of man remained unchanged, the gifts received from our benefactors never failed to reflect those unmet challenges. Yet the capacity for our own desires has and will always be confronted by a counterbalance that can far outweigh the evils plaguing mankind.

Enter Jim Edwards, a man like any other with dreams, hopes, and a driving ambition to succeed at what he knows best, discovering the truth about our visitors and the limits of man's capabilities to achieve the heights of his aspirations. A developmental research contractor for back-engineering alien technologies, Jim will struggle in his commission to use his findings to construct lethal armaments for the US military. General Lankmire, Jim's liaison for the black ops department of Covert Applications Research for Extraterrestrial Technologies (CARET), is a bullheaded commander with special plans of his own for Jim's new toys. With Jim's conscience on the line over Lankmire's questionable objectives, the dilemma worsens as he is cornered into a decision over a lifetime in the making. For most of us, in dire situations, we might be told not to play the hero; but at some point in our lives, it's a choice we all have to make.